Foxfire has developed a series of pet products for both domesticated and non-domesticated animals by collaborating with Colorado’s Ambary Gardens organically grown greenhouse industrial hemp facility. Ambary’s highly sought-after oil yields a high full-spectrum oil extraction which combined with wild USA collected elk antlers, produces a natural enriched chew packed with minerals and vitamins for small and large dogs.

Ambary’s organically grown full spectrum oil is used to medicate the split antler horn, which is purposefully and specifically cut to expose the minerally and vitamin-enriched marrow of the elk horn. There is hardly a dog that does not feast on this chew for hours of pleasure, which is known to enhance health benefits for pets.

A third-party test certificate of analysis (COA) accompanies every product made by Foxfire, which shows the levels of the potency of the cannabinoids expressed from the strain of the hemp plant. The COA also assures that all products are below the FDA allowable limits of less than .3 of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive part of the industrial hemp plant. Cannabidiol, or CBD, on the other hand, is expressed highly in the Ambary strain and it is valued as being the medicinal potential for the health, balance and continued happiness for pets.

Most or all of the Foxfire brand register well below allowable limits or test out as non-detectable for THC. Foxfire products will not get your pet “high” and growing hemp became legal according to the 2018 federally approved Farm Bill. Foxfire’s pet treats are made with care and love for all pets, large and small. Each of our staff owns and cares for pets which is expressed in the quality of all the products that are made and carefully produced and presented for your pet’s pleasure. All products are guaranteed and fully refundable for 10 days after purchase. Please store non-opened packages in ambient temperature (77 degrees Fahrenheit) and away from direct sunlight. CBD molecules are known to deteriorate in packages that are exposed to high levels of sun rays. We thank you for your purchase and loyalty to our Foxfire brand.

Our Promise to YOU!

  • Our hemp plants are organically grown and harvested in Colorado.
  • No commercial pesticides, fungicides, herbicides are used
  • The hemp strain we cultivate is high in CBD, and includes terpenes and cannabinoids
  • We will only utilize ethanol extraction methods to produce a full spectrum oil
  • All products are guaranteed for 30 days after purchase. Products should be stored indoors away from direct sunlight.

We thank you for your purchase and loyalty to the FoxFire brand and we look forward to bringing you new and innovative products.