Sell pet products that provide dogs with healthier joints and better oral, digestive, and immunity health!

The SECRET is all-natural, full-spectrum CBD grown with organic practices combined with elk antler minerals. Now you can get both in a powerful line of products from Foxfire Organics: Tincture, Chews, Biscuits, and Powder.

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Elk Antlers are a natural source for these essential minerals:

  • Lipids are essential for the growth and development of your pet.
  • Collagen is excellent for supporting bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage
  • Glucosamine supports joints and tissues
  • Iron supports healthy blood cells
  • Potassium for nerve and muscle function
  • Magnesium helps with the storing and the releasing of energy
  • Calcium and Phosphorus supports bone and teeth health

Combined with the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD this is like no other dog product on the market.