FoxFire Elk Antlers come from naturally shed high quality USA free-range elk. Our antlers are split and have CBD distributed throughout the marrow to provide a fully infused chew. We work with local organic Colorado hemp farms that are USDA certified to provide the best quality CBD for our antlers.

– Elk antlers are rich in minerals, nutrients, and protein. These include glucosamine, collagen, lipids, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc, and magnesium.

– Our antlers help aid in joint, oral, digestive, and immune health.

– The naturally collagen-rich antler help dogs maintain a healthy and glistening coat.

Sizing Chart

Small Dog

Up to 22lbs

Medium Dog


Large Dog


Elk Antlers are a natural source for these essential minerals:

– Lipids

An essential source of energy for your pet.

– Collagen

Supports bones, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage.

– Glucosamine

Promotes joint health.

– Iron

Supports healthy blood cells.

– Potassium

Aids nerve and muscle function.

– Magnesium

Helps with storing and releasing of energy.

– Calcium and Phosphorus

Supports healthy bones and teeth.

Our Promise to YOU!

  • FoxFire Elk Antlers come from naturally shed seasonally collected USA free-range elk.
  • Cruelty free/ No Animals Harmed.
  • The hemp strain we utilize is high in CBD, terpenes, cannabinoids.
  • No psychoactive effects.
  • All products are guaranteed for quality. Products should be stored indoors away from direct sunlight.

We thank you for your purchase and loyalty to the FoxFire brand and we look forward to bringing you new and innovative products.